Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bergamo and Milan

The flight to Bergamo was great for 2 reasons...i had the entire row to myself and the sky was completly clear so i could see the lights of the cities below for the whole journey. I arrived there about 11pm slightly homeless so thanks parents for helping me out there!!

The hostel i was staying in was a little bit out of the town but well worth every mile! It was in the mountains with an amazing view! Oh and a very friendly still not a cat person though..never!!

I got up early and caught the bus to the old part of town...little windy streets with cobble stones, graveyard, churches, pretty squares and just a lovely relaxed feel not many tourists.

I think usually when you fly somewhere with Ryanair and their airports are miles away from the location that you usually just catch a bus straight to the city from the airport. Even though this was called Milan airport i,m really glad i decided to stay for a few days. The views from the old town were of the suburbs in the mountains, it doesn`t seem like many people live there and there wasn`t the usual homeless people and beggars about...maybe a wealthy area i hear George Clooney lives not far away in Lake Como...

I headed down to the new part of the city which is still really lovely, all the buildings are still pretty old with nice white-grey stone. I had lunch in a cafe called something like Smily Happy Face! I said `hola!` when i walked in the door...i think they were a bit offended. Anyway i had a lovely unidentified meat, sauce, potatoes, bread, red wine and coffee for E5! It took me hours to find an internet cafe, i tried my best to concentrate on my emails while the guy running the place had a little baby on his lap with a really bad cough i felt sorry for the child.

Nothing really eventful here in Bergamo...for once!I was sharing a room with an Italian girl who spoke no english but we managed to communicate just about. I think i would certainly go back to Bergamo if i could get a Ryanair supercheap flight from Dublin if you like mountains and walking and cheap food its the place!

I got the train to Milan the next day and found a nice hotel room beside the train was time again for a room just for me! The lady running the place was a bit mad one minute she would be all sweetness and love then when i went to take the cup of coffee i bought at the bar in the hotel to take to my room she was like NOOOOOOO NOT FOR RRRROOOOOM! Also there was strict instructions to SLEEP BETWEEN SHEETS OK NO ON TOP, BETWEEN ...LIKE SANDWICH OK!

The only thing i`ve heard about Milan is that its `good for shopping, thats all i knew before i went for a walk and stumbled upon this huge church called the Duomo.

There were big lit up billboards and some kind of concert on in the square beside it. I just walked around for a few hours marveling at the huge buildings but it was crowded and full of tourists a far cry from peaceful Bergamo! I met up with Karen a friend from Dublin and her friend and we went for lunch...bottle of Proseco and delicious food. I rushed back to the hotel to get ready for the couchsurfing meeting.. that crazy lady was explaining about sleeping between the sheets to a german couple when i was walking past oh they were like YA YA OF COURSE WE SLEEP BETWEEN SHEETS VERE ELSE VE SLEEP!

The party was cool in a bar called Art Factory. One thing about Milan that i REALLY liked is that a lot of bars have a happy hour where there is free food like pasta, pizza and other tasty things that you have no idea what they are but who cares! So if you can find out these happy hour places you could certainly eat well for free! I met a lot of nice couchsurfers, few drinks etc....i need to get couchsurfing again nice room for myself now and then is nice but its been 4 quiet days now....on next to Salzburg.....


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