Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Couchsurfer Jeroen met me at the station in Amsterdam after my first night of quality 8 hours sleep I was raring to go! Amsterdam really surprised me it was so much more gorgeous than I had imagined! And WAY more bikes than I had imagined!!

So anyway as we were walking down the road towards my hostel for the night I noticed it had 'Christian hostel' written over the name. Mmmm now I really don’t mind what religion so I was quite intrigued to see would there be a difference to a normal hostel. I left Jeroen outside while I ran in to dump my bag. I got my complimentary leaflet on choosing the right path in life, and I was informed of the spiritual journey the reception girl had followed thanks to Jesus, so with my bible talk and prayer time info in my hand I headed up the cold clinical stairs to my 20 bed room. There was a HUGE emphasis on MAKE SURE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ALMIGHTY ALL THE ANGELS AND SAINT AND THE VIRGIN MARY THAT YOU KEEP YOUR STUFF SAFE IN YOUR LOCKER! So I was in a big hurry because Jeroen was waiting for me a flung the stuff into the nearest locker and left.

Jeroen told me he always wanted to work in Amsterdam and he had only been there for 3 months but loved the place. We had lovely lunch then headed onto the canal boat tour with a VERY bored canal boat driver and Chinese people taking photos of absolutely everything! After we had a few drinks in a really cool bar and a walk about the city, the red light area wow STRANGE!!! I headed back to my Christian hostel about 2am a bit tipsy when I walked in the door the guy at reception was talking about guns and shooting, he screamed at me 'VOUCHER VOUCHER!!' So I showed him my bit of paper to prove I was staying there Jeesus calm down!! I think I woke up half the room clumsily dropping half my stuff out of the locker, after a shower I hung my towel over a picture of Jesus for the night to dry.

The next morning I woke to find I had been attacked by bed bugs YUCK!!!Now not to be complaining but when I went to get a drop of milk for my coffee at breakfast this lady starting screaming 'PRIVATE PRIVATE!!!' at me! So I just sat there with my black coffee while the girl beside me sang' one..two...three...' as she put her sugar in her coffee. I brought my coffee out to the terrace area to get away from these mad people before I went exploring Amsterdam and to my delight there was a guy sitting out there REALLY stoned with a joint hanging from his lips and that song' because I was high...;' playing on his laptop! Hilarious of all places!!He was from Romania and didn’t know this was a Christian hostel either!

I had a great day in Amsterdam the sun was shining, great atmosphere, tourists blissfully cycling around with juicy red eyes la la la sure theres no cars or trams or anything dangerous when you are on THIS special bike! Met another couchsurfer in a coffeeshop, ate lots of delicious biscuits, kept bumping into the strange girl from breakfast i think she was stalking me. Then it came to meet my couchsurfer for the night. Michel was an actor in theatre he made his fame through a Grolsh add and he had a lovely place on the banks of one of the canals. We had pizza and a few litres of wine before heading out for more! On the way home (around 4am) we passed a guy manically doing push-up on the street...gotta love Amsterdam. When we got back out came Michels whiskey collection!NOTE: a 'smooth' whiskey isnt smooth as in goes down easy oh no its smooth as in you can only detect the one flavour, as much as i love whiskey this one was eroding my stomach so i kept poring it into Michels glass when he looked away.

I had very little sleep on Michel’s floor so for my last night in Amsterdam I decided to treat myself to a room all for me! I found a lovely one in a quiet area how fantastic! Well the toilet was so close to the wall infront that i had to sit sideways but apart from that I walked around naked and threw my stuff all over the room...I had been suppressed while couchsurfing!! In the middle of the night I heard a scratching sound I thought the room was haunted because everytime I moved my head to see what was going on it stopped. It turned out to be a cute little mouse on my bed. Not really that cute actually, I don’t like mice on my bed...i didnt sleep andafter that mice kept running around the scirting boards of the room. I left early for my bus to Paris bye bye Amsterdam....

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