Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pisa & Bangi De Lucca

Of course it couldnt be a normal day!!I arrived into the middle of a crazy protest, the street was packed there was fire, big banners, and so SO many people!I text Marco who i was meeting later for drinks that i might be a bit late as i was stuck in the protest, he said no worries as he was IN the protest!!

I met Marco for drinks and he explained that the protest was by the students as 3rd level fees were being brought in again...im sure all i ever did in this sort of protest was calmly sit on O´Connell st for a few mins!Anyway he told me the students had also occupied the university buildings. We went to one building wow it was crazy, techno music playing, banners and grafitti everywhere, very dark, everybody smoking, one room was full of blankets where everyone was sleeping, another room had a group of students around a table planning the next move...like in some kind of war movie and another room students were giving a speech to others using a projector. It was very strange. All the walls on the street around the student buildings had been drawn on too. Im glad i met Marco otherwise i would have had no idea what was going on!

After this i went to go hold up the leaning tower as one must do when in Pisa!We went for more drinks and pizza, i set off the handicapped toilet alarm when i pulled the wrong chord to flush it, all the staff came running in, i think Marco was a bit embarassed!He was a lovely guy, a philosophy student and had lots to talk about. Just as we were heading to the direction of where i was staying the rest of my family turned up in a taxi i said bye to Marco and hallo to family!

SO great not to have to plan where im going or staying next!We stayed in a lovely B&B run by Mario who loved the word 'trendy'...my cousins wedding sounded 'trendy' and my travel plans were 'trendy' also. I was so so tired i decided it wasnt worth getting up for breakfast but being the light sleeper that i am i was awake before everyone! This breakfast was hilarious!!There was so much food for just our family i wanted to take a photo! There was every kind of sweet cake, toasted bread and ham sambos, some home made tart, fruit, cereal my god and so much more everytime we ate enough that we could see each other across the table the lady plonked down another elaborate fruit bowl or pile of freshly made sanwiches!When i think of the 'breakfasts' usually given in hostels..stale white bread and jam...wow i was in heaven..a tired heaven!

We met up with the rest of the relations and headed out to this little village Bagni De Lucca. What a gorgeous place, tiny town with just the one shop rather scarcly stocked!

We went for an introduction to the wedding meal the 1st night it was a lot of fun, great food, free anything you want to drink and we met some great people from our future cousine-inlaws side of the family all Ozzies. Not to mention mortifing my poor sister asking this gay guy from Seattle would he marry Carol for his greencard! I must say thanks to Keith who i met at the wedding and stole the name for the blog from!Ignoring the mini hangover the next morning myself, Brian and Carol went for a walk up the mountains what a gorgeous spot, everyone we kept meeting around the mountains was there for the wedding!The wedding itself was really gorgeous...picture perfect.

The dinner after the wedding was in an old casino it was AMAZING inside!!We tucked into the free champagne and green and red drinks and mingled and bonded after few more free champagnes and green and red drinks!My cousin married a lovely Australian guy, one of his relations offered myself and Brian a job shearing sheep in a place called Wagawaga (just waga now if your a local!) Anyway not to go into all the details but this was a wonderful weekend, eating, drinking and being merry in one of the most beautiful places ive ever been!Thanks to Brian, Rosemary and family for inviting us.

After popping home to sort my indian visa, loan etc and the hardest part of all...the goodbyes!!Next stop Madrid..........

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