Saturday, November 8, 2008


(ok the font has gone a bit mad here!)

Julie likes green. It was very easy to spot her across the street! Before that I had been looking at this homeless man on the bench across from me with his hand out searching for his can of beer, eyes closed, there he was searching all over the place with his right hand and sure wasn’t it in his left hand all along, I got up to look for Julie as soon as he found it (quite some time it took!!).

We went back to Julie's gorgeous apartment, neon green kitchen and raspberry bedroom I like it! She lives there with her boyfriend Thomas. I dumped my bag and Julie brought me for a wander around Lyon. The best thing for me was getting on a bike again! Lyon is a really lovely city with 2 rivers flowing through it, its own Eiffel tower and the old part of town was really really old! You could randomly push open the old doors and wander into residents courtyards.

After some roasted chestnuts, we headed
to a party, some friends of Julie and Tomas. After about 2 minutes I spilled my drink....I’m so bad at that. There was another couchsurfer there, he told us that he requested to surf a guys couch in Rio so he could go to the Pride festival, the couchsurfer host had about 25 requests of people who wanted to stay that weekend so he just told them all to come! I was so tired but it became less of a problem with each glass of wine! It was a great party but the BEST bit was cycling home not just drunk but on the wrong (well the right-hand) side of the road it was a challenge! I think I almost knocked someone down I heard a few 'attension mademoiselle!!' yelps but sure isn’t it a bit of practice for when something more serious like a car might be coming at you??ahhhh was so so tired slept very well

I had a lovely relaxing day around Lyon just took a bike and cycled around it was sunny and warm. That evening we went to Julie's friend’s house for dinner. I realised my inner rockstar on Wii guitar hero’s wow I never knew I could play so well....mmm maybe it had something to do with the wine too...very good fun. After a game of bowling on the Wii Julie said to me' Hey Emma my character is fingering yours!' HA Ha for a moment I didn’t know if I wanted to explain this! She meant her character was GIVING mine the fingers good thing we sorted that out that night incase she got herself in trouble in the future!! (this is Julie 'fingering' some stars sprayed on the street)

I think myself and Julie brought out the divilment in each other, we were in a very divilmentious mood that night, we were running around Lyon looking for a strange bar to go to knocking on random friends doors, and we certainly found a strange bar! If you're ever in Lyon...'melting pot'! With another of Julie's friends we had a hilarious conversation about fingers (I can’t remember what the hell we were talking about but after the pitchers of whiskey and stout it was very funny!)

We found 2 frying pans outside this pub, some guys told us they were there because there was a fight arranged later (with frying pans??ha ha) I thought maybe its some homeless persons pans so we took the less mouldy of the 2 and left the other for the homeless man. We spent the next few hours running around with the pan explaining to randomers that a woman belongs in the kitchen and needs to have the pan with her just incase someone needs an omelette, some Moroccan guy on the street said I look like a girl from little house on the prairie! We found a microwave on the street on the way home also but I think Julie's boyfriend might not have been so impressed with this microwave the next morning! It was bright when we got home, we spent about 1/2 an hour doing the Queens wave from Julie's balcony at people going to work then thought we should probably head to bed!

The next day WOW VERY hungover and tired! I decided to have an active day! I left Julie and Thomas to get on with their work and cycled into the old part of Lyon, I climbed up the mountain, saw Lyons Eiffel tower, walked for a few hours, went back to Julie's for a few games of 'frets on fire'( free version of guitar hero you can download for your PC) then SLEEP! The next day I said my goodbyes (or see ya as I prefere! i hate goodbyes) then I hopped on the 13 hour bus to Florence. I won’t forget my time in Lyon, (thanks Julie we'll meet again!!)

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