Monday, December 1, 2008


I had an 11 hour bus from Milan to Salzburg. The 1st 5 hours or so i could not take my eyes off the amazing view. We were driving up into the mountains. One minute it was completly flat as we were leaving Milan and the next minute HUGE mountains at either side of the bus.

There was a strange man who just kept staring at me apart from that only about 5 people on the bus. After it was dark when i looked out the window i thought i could see the clouds but no it was actually the snow on the top of the mountains. Sometimes i wish i could take a picture of exactly what i see!

So 11 hours later i was dropped off at the side of the road somewhere in Salzburg first thought was cool SNOW!!! After i got over that i thought...oh shit where am i!! I had the name of a hostel so flagged down a taxi. Doh i`m so stupid i had no idea of the currency or the language in Austria on arrival im really getting less and less prepared each country!!


The hostel was called Youth and Family and i was really scared it was going to be another Christian hostel (see amsterdam!). I just had a shower then went straight to bed surprisingly 12 hours sitting and sleeping on a bus IS tiring! Almost the highlight of my entire trip so far was the AMAZING breakfast at this place! I made an amazing lunch from it also. The internet there was not so amazing E3 for E40 minutes!!!I decided to stay in another hostel the next night before meeting up with the couchsurfers. The couchsurfer was from Ireland he was going out with a girl from Salzburg and although that ended with her he loved the place and decided to stay...i was really looking forward to some Irish people!

I really like Salzberg, from the moment i arrived. They had a nice little Christmas market set up cool little stalls selling everything from eggs to hang from your Christmas tree to fruit in chocolate...delicious! I just wandered around for hours the i couldnt get over them! Just at the edge of the town there were some shops and right behind the shops the mountian starts almost vertical! And for some reason the river here had crystal clear emerald green water.

It got VERY very cold in Salzburg. I was hanging out in the hostel chatting to the girl who worked there. When i told her i am couchsurfing with an Irish guy, she asked whats his name, and when i told her she was like `mmmm oh irish boys` small world SHE was the girl the couchsurfer moved here for!

The next day i met couchsurfer Silviu for coffee. He was very tall and had lots to say. We had great chat about crazy religious die-hard christian couchsurfer he had, silviu brought him to a gay bar! He had a lot of great stories and had me highly entertained! I also found a really nice Tibet shop run by an egyptian guy. If i lived in Salzberg my house would be completly furnished with this shop! for now i just bought some cool dried flowers and when you put them in water they open and turn green again!rip off price but i liked them too much. He also smothered me with perfume he told me this will have all the men in Salzberg after me!



I headed up to couchsurfer JP`s house, met himself and his friends. Very friendly guys and wow so great just for a change for everyone to be speaking english to each other not just between you and the couchsurfer. JP headed off to work i stayed behind and watched Pulp fiction for the 1st time!! Now i dont have to hear `whaaat you havent seen Pulp Fiction!!` we watched Fear and loathing in Las Vegas after....woh dont go to bed straight after watching that....mad mad dreams!!!

The next day JP`s american friends were coming over to cook Thanksgiving dinner. While they were in the kitchen i went to the zoo with JP`s friend Lee. Lee lost his coat or something like that and since JP worked in a bar he took a coat home for Lee, one that had been left behind and never claimed. The funny thing was the coat was way to big for Lee it looked like a big black coat a pedofile would wear! He was getting a lot of funny looks! It was a VERY VERY cold day, not many animals in the zoo...mostly different types of goats and hens but i think i prefere not seeing poor lions and tigers freezing in the snow!



We were very hungry by now after this very productive day of leaving the house and going to the zoo and thanksgiving dinner was just about ready! There were a few girls making the dinner, English Stef and American Stef were among them. English steff kept loosing EVERYTHING all night, a very funny girl but everytime you saw her she was like `have you seen my camera???` and the camera hanging off her wrist! American Stef was absolutely hammered aparently since lunchtime that day....but still managed to make the pumpkin pie!She was going around say `ohh thanksgiving are you pumped??`.

The dinner was delicious, and so was the pumpkin pie and so were the many many bottles of wine there! A few of us headed out to the Irish bars. Lots of whiskey, bad karoke, and even worse dancing! On the way home myself and Lee were just running into random bars where everyone was just sitting quietly drinking, we took over the dancefloor...Lee in his pedofile coat!!

CRAZY AUSTRIANS REALLY GETTING INTO THEIR KAROKE..i think this song was Santa Claus is coming to town...


We got back about 5.30am i set my alarm for 6.45am to catch the train to Ljubljana.......i hardly put down my head and my alarm went off....oh dear.....

if someone can spell pedofile for me please let me know thanks!!

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