Thursday, November 20, 2008

MADrid pt2 & Burgos

(flower vending machine)

They have flower vending machines here all over the place now wouldnt that be nice to have that in ireland to make it even easier to buy your woman (or man!) flowers!

I was kicked out of the hostel at the usual unearthly hour of 10am so i headed to Lago park to get some more sleep!Another lovely day. The park is like the Phoenix park, really big with a nice lake in the centre where i was sitting beside and watching folks canoeing. I got really into practicing my Poi dancing like a mad lady until an old man came to watch me and i got shy....

I headed back into the centre of Madrid to meet Awen a couchsurfer, some of his hobbies on his profile were; Passion, Art, Celts, Acoustic Music, Poetry, Creative Recovery, Shamanism, Druidry, Celtic, Folklore, Huna, Victorian England, Long Haired Men...need i say more i wanted to meet this guy! And what a lovely guy he was. He lives in Madrid with his husbund, its a very gay friendly city (which i was certainly to find out more about later!) He brought me to a supercool temple built by the egyptians for Spain where there was the best sunset to be seen in Madrid.

We bumped into 2 other couchsurfers and the 4 of us headed to Awens gay mens yoga class! About 50 people in quite a small, hot room, all breathing heavily and stretching together it was a strange experience but i really likes it. There was one move where you kind of stretch and look to the left while you´re sitting down i didnt understand the instructor totally as it was in Spanish so i though he was just turning to have a look at this smelly backpacker girl so i just kind of sat there and smiled back to him and he kept looking at me....doh then he turned to look the other way i realised everyone had been turing thier head my direction! When it was time to do the cat position these 2 guys beside me were going 'mieeoooowww' to each other! Just before it ended we all lay down and got really deeply relaxed I felt great after that...VERY smelly but great!

Tonight i was staying with couchsurfer Miguel, he just happened to be staying in a 5 star hotel that night with his friends and welcomed me to come along! As i looked like a homeless person i spied the lift actoss the street through the hotel doors and made a runner for them! Miguel met me at the hotel room...WOW 5 star it was!The room was amazing, the sofa i would be surfing was amazing but the best thing was a heated outdoor jacuzzi!! I had a shower, put on my most respectable backpacker clothes and myself Miguel and his 2 friends Mena and Mario head out for a delicious meal


(the Couchsurfers)

After that we headed to a bar close by a nice gay bar!Strange for everyone to be smoking inside ANYWAY we had a few rum and cokes and headed to the next bar with great music we were all dancing away and Mario spotted some guy he really liked! We headed to a gay club next, lots more drinks and dancing. For some reason i had it in my head that this other random guy was better for Mario (who id only known a few hours!) so all night i was trying to set them up and get rid of the guy he liked who was clearly not good enough for him!Oh dear...that´ll be the rum.

It was about 6.30am when we left but the party was far from over time to go back to the hotel to the jacuzzi!Mario had bought a bottle of champagne earlier so 5 of us hopped in drank champagne with strawberries and watched the sun rise. It was a surreal moment as you can imagine! I only met these people a few hours earlier but it was like i knew them much longer....i know them better now anyway!!!...i was very well behaved incase anyone is worrying! Oh my god how crazy! about 9am i was just getting too wrinkly and it was pretty sunny so i headed to the couch to sleep for a few hours! that was a great night thanks Miguel and friends

(statue beside hotel!)

I met Awen again the next day i wanted to give him this shamrock thing i brought with me since he´s crazy about all things celtic. He brought me to a lovey cathedral where the stained glass is placed so when the sun shines in every few minutes you will be lit up another coloue. Here is Awen looking a bit green.

I had 2 days in Burgos before flying to Milan. I was tired after the crazy time in Madrid so i spent most of it relaxing in very nice couchsurfer Barbo´s house. He brought me to a cool little pub just E1 for a beer. It was the first time it had rained since i arrived just a quick wander up the hills then back to the cosy house!


Next Santander then Fly to Milan.....bye Spain!

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