Wednesday, November 5, 2008


It was a shock to my system coming from chilled out pretty Amsterdam to busy, crowded city and rain! I collect my new European SIM card from the post office (you can call me on this at anytime if needs be! let me know and I can send you the number) I had a little walk around I really didn’t know where to begin and I had my backpack! I found a little cafe and was just having some pizza when Jeremy a friend of my brothers called me to say he's home from work and call over anytime! FANTASTIC. Way too tired to do touristy things right now!

My brother explained that Jeremy looked like Johnny Depp so of course I spotted him straight away! Myself, Jeremy and his friend Laurence headed back to their flat in Noisy Le Sec. What a highly entertaining and friendly guy. He has great pride in this (scary, no???)Masterpiece some friends made him for his birthday....he keeps it at the end of his bed! (Note the two left hands!)

Later Fadi, Jeremy’s flatmate returned from work, everybody was wrecked so we had some wine and then SLEEP! The next day I thought feck it i've seen the Eiffel tower and the Louvre and the Champs ElyseĆ© I cant be bothered to do touristy things so I relaxed in Noisy Le Sec, it reminded me of a French, Mullingar town. That evening I lost the feeling in my thumb from a highly competitive game of Mario kart, few more beers etc a fun night. I was very thankful to Fadi and Jeremy for putting me up at such short notice, there were having a big party the next evening I was tempted to stay but I had arranged to couchsurf in Lyon and something told me GO TO LYON!!!

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