Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The night bus to florence was a long one 13 hours there was hardy anybody on the bus so i lay down in my cosy bed made from the two seats beside me and the two seats in the isle lucky! About an hour into the journey we stopped somewhere and a few people got on, one guy came up to me montioning to sit on the seat where i had half my legs and feet and the bus was still almost empty!So so overtired i tried my best in french to say ´regard!!!´and point to all the empty seats i never loose my cool like this but i was wrecked and had a lovely bed made for myself...then i said ´look this is MY bed OK??take that seat there!!´so he went to that other seat infront of me then 2 minutes later he popped his head over the seat to say ´Ahhh you aspeak english!i want to practice my aenglish!!´Oh my god i think i could nearly have killed this poor guy when he took out his camera to show me random pictures saying ´this is ´bridge´yes?, this you say..´road´?? He fell asleep himself in a very contorted position i didn´t wake him to say goodbye when i reached Florence!

It was warm and humid in Florence i went to find my hostel, they said i had to come back in 2 hours when it had been cleaned i asked could i just sleep behind the desk but he said no, so i headed off like a mad woman, eyes so tired they were just slits and i was probably pretty smelly at this stage too. I found a one does! And checked my book on Florence´s section Essential Phrases but ´can i have a beer?´wasn´nt there!! Essential phrases my ass! So i just did the usual when i don´t know what the language is and point.

When i actually got back to the hostel i had a lovely superclean bed in a superclean room...i really appreciate this after getting bitten by the bible bugs in Amsterdam!I had a shower and went straight to sleep. I woke up to these mad bimbo girls (and guys) from like California like requesting the hostel guy to PLEEEAAASSSE play S-club 7 and Backstreet boys and when he did they started screaming like how i´m sure ill scream when i win the lotto. I went back to bed i was too tired for this!

(this bridge was the only one in Florence not destroyed in WWII)

The next day at breakfast i met two nice canadian´s and a lovely couple from Peru...i think! The canadians were super proud of how little they could get by on each day eating dry cornflakes i could tell their mouths were watering when i was slicing my juicy cucumber and tomato with my salami and bread yum! It was an absolutely gorgeous day so i didn´t delay too long eating. I walked and walked, Florence really is the most beautiful city i have ever seen very romantic but also very full of American and Chinese tourists the latter which are quite funny to watch ´foto foto ha ha!!´I walked a bit out of the main drag crossed the river to a quieter part of town. I found the entrance to the botanic gardens there was a queue to pay but also the way to exit so i just slipped in the exit!wow i´m getting a bit unruley with all this travelling!

The sun was really beaming down i could feel my freckles getting bigger!!I found Bacchas the Roman god of wine (see picture above) a fine thing if ever i saw one. After this i found a huge grave yard and bumped into the guys from the hostel. My mission was to see the statue of Michangelos David as you may or may not know a ´David Head´was one of the things i sold in my old job to decorate your house with and now and then we´d put this head in one of beds in the shop under the covers just peeping out...yes sounds stupid but when your tired and giddy its pretty funny! The real statue was in a museum that cost a lot to get into so instead you can climb a hill to see the fake one, what a climb but when i saw an old couple race up the steps i though my god you´re unfit get up there!!I had arranged to meet some couchsurfers at the top of the hill beside fake David to see the sun set so i head back to the hostel for something to eat before meeting these.

With a bottle of wine each myself and the canadians from the hostel headed up the hill. The sunset was spectacular if i should say so myself, to one side over the mountains was a beautiful purple, red and black sky and to the other was a hazy view of Florence with the last of the sun lighting up Brunellescis dome bella bella! The couchsurfing girls we´re from California but not the ´like ohmygod like its like backstreet boys like´type they were the bold girls from their school and were in Italy for a year to learn Italian. They had some hilarious stories and i learnt about Dental Dams (google that if you must i´m not explaining it here!!) We drank the wine and chatted for hours then headed back to the hostel where two American girls were patting themselves on the back for getting through half of their 5 litre bottle of wine!!

The next day off to Pisa soon to meet up with the family for my cousins wedding!

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