Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I was feeling really REALLY tired now when I got to Antwerp...obviously i’m not a young pup anymore so I decided I’d try and have a quiet night. I was staying in a supercool hostel in the middle of the city. It was an old ex-Russian restaurant from the 1800's and hadn’t changed much, the staff were so crazy, friendly and really musically talented. There was this cool painting of Adam and Eve on the wall!

'Paddy' from brazil showed me to my room where there was an old, black grand piano where he started banging out rock and roll and blues tunes singing along at the top of his voice! That was a nice welcome to Antwerp. Although I was really tired I went for a walk around. Everyone staying at this hostel were really friendly folks, one little guy like to put an adjective with each item we had the 'suicide stairs' (quite rightly named) and the 'platform shower'. The stairs here were suicidal indeed 2 people fell down while I was having breakfast! The problem is they are narrow steps almost vertical, quite difficult with your backpack or after few beers but as I was so overtired I just found them hilarious. There was a great music and singing session at the hostel that night, I didn’t sleep much so decided to stay another night.....this night I would try and have an early one!!

After a battery-recharging stay in Antwerpe i hopped on the bus to Amsterdam how exciting!!

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