Saturday, January 3, 2009

Prague, Ogrodzieniec & Frankfurt

I stopped over in Brno the night before going to Prague as there was a couchsurfing party but my mind was miles away i was too excited about meeting Dave in Prague to care about this party. I did meet some nice people, drink cheap cheap Czech beer and have 3 hours sleep on a floor before catching the bus to Prague.

I fell asleep the second i sat down in the bus. I opened my eyes after a while there was a snowy blizzard i fell asleep again, when i woke up we were in Prague no snow just light rain. I checked into the hostel and slept for a few hours. Not to bore you with the details but i met Dave at the train station that evening and it was great!

We wandered around Prague the next day. Everywhere there were huge buckets full of huge fish, and you choose the fish you want the guys kill it there and then for you (by wacking it on the head a few times with a of those things you dont want to see but curiousity gets the better of you!) and they chop of its head, gut it and descale it on the street! Dave explained that its what people have around here for Christmas dinner...Carp instead of our Irish turkey and ham...mmmm and stuffing!

La la la having the craic in the big bucket

Two carp met their maker

Across the river in the old part of the town was an old church and cool old streets. I think Prague is the most beautiful city ive been to on this little trip so far...mmm i know maybe i said this before about a few other places but i will definately visit here again. Dave wasnt too into seeing the sights or just wandering about for no reason so i had to bribe him with..lets just go down here...just few more minutes this way...oh i really think down here will be good!

This was when the guards were swapping over, it happens each hour and the one that is left there must stand motionless for the hour not even allowed to look around and there are hoards of kids trying to distract him. Im not sure i'd like that job im not a big fan of kids...not yet anyway!

I could not bribe Dave enough to queue to see this church inside....he had a point though it may have taken all day and it was feckin freezing!

The new part of the city was just as beautiful, it still had really old buildings and tasteful new buildings. And brilliant christmas markets on every corner. There is no way you could not get into the Christmas mood with the smell of mulled wine and tasty klobasa sausages on the grill, huge christmas trees decked out with the fanciest lights and everybody wrapped up really cosy with hat, gloves and scarf. There seemed to be more tourists than locals around so everyone was on holidays and just laughing, enjoying the mulled wine and the Christmas feeling.

The 'new' part of Prague, still looks pretty old to me, i really like it

The next day we moved to a different hostel right beside the river in an old building with an amazing view.

We went to a bar that night called Chateau Rouge....highly recommended!! A really cool, ´well worn´ kind of bar with great music, crazy staff and strange but cool decorations inside...kind of like a vision someone had while eating magic mushrooms! Absinthe is the local speciality in Prague...or maybe its just that its legal in Czech republic but anyway its for sale everywhere and of course isnt travelling about trying the local foods and drinks!

In this bar Chataeu Rouge we tried the home made one with a picture of a skull and cross bones on the bottle. The guy did the big rigmarole before melting the sugar on the spoon etc and it went down very well indeed. We made friends with a crazy Australian couple that night and danced away with them until being kicked out at closing time. Thank god Dave is very good with directions or we would never have found the way home! We had about 2 hours sleep in the hostel before getting up to catch the train to Katowice ....mmmm very tired before catching a train now thats unusual for me!!

Climbing the fairy on the way home...

Dave is from a small town in the forest in Poland in a place im sure i´ve spelt wrong but its something like Orgodzieniec. I REALLY love forests and mountains and combined with the snow it was super cool outside!! The days were just perfect lazy days as it got dark so early we spent the time it was bright exploring and messing in the forest, and when our toes were numb and it was getting too cold we went back to dave's warm house for food then out again to meet his friends.

Climbing a steep hill

He brought me to a place where there used to be a huge outdoor pool but it has been deserted now probably because of lack of money to care for it.

I had the traditional Polish Christmas dinner with 12 courses and yes the fish..Carp! It was delicious, very unusual chrsitmas dinner for me but really nice.

All dolled up for the christmas dinner...felt nice to make a last effort of looking well, wearing perfume etc before Indian maddness!

Anyway right now im in a hostel in Frankfurt and catching my flight to Abu Dhabi tonight. The hostel is in the red light district its pretty safe but very amusing view from my bedroom window last night of junkies trying to stamp on something imaginary on the ground, trying to catch imaginary things in the air and the prostitutes just hanging out! This morning really drunk, dirty old men poured out of the clubs and i think a few of the guys in the hostel visited some of the bars here last night!

I cant believe time went so fast from when i flew to Brussels a few months ago to today when i leave Europe for who knows how long. I think the best has yet to come..i feel the excitment in my stomach like before a first date!

Bye Europe for now!

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