Friday, January 23, 2009


Sweaty, smelly and tired arriving into Maduri after 8 hour train journey. But some amazing scenery on the way much greener than i thought india would be.

Seemed really chaotic chennai-style as we arrived into the station. Checked into our hostel, quick throwing bucket of cold water over me then off to have a look around. This town has the really beautiful Sri Meenakshi Temple but unfortunately it was covered up being repainted i think in preperation for a festival. This town is just a small one of only 1.5 million and there was going to be another 3 million coming for the festival jeesus maddness!

I have to say for the first time im getting used to the maddnes, the crazy streets full of tuc-tucs, cars, bikes, cows (also cows in the shops!), kids, beggers, mad men, saried women, food stalls and dogs lying about all over the place. I started to feel a strange comfort in being swamped by people and tuc-tucs and i started to find this not altogether so mad anymore!

this is a very funny mad mad mad little man!

I really like the mentality of the people here too. A place we went for brekkie (curry of course!) one of the guys really wanted black tea but it only came with milk so when he asked any chance of without the milk the answer was 'tea milk for you it good tea and milk yes' and you just think yeah sure why not ill have it with milk so! Same with everthing really, nothing seems to be written in stone, 90% of the stuff on the menus is not available or you've come at the wrong time of day for that particular thing, or just they have one thing available and yes it good for you! im not really too bothered about that kind of thing at all but it does force you to just totally go with the flow these little things arent important.
Eating with the fingers still a bit tough but my hand does have a consistently nice curry smell these days!

That night we went in search for a bar! Found one that had the airconditioning on so high we would need our winter wollies with us to survive in there, the atmosphere was a bit dull too just two guys sitting in the almost complete darkness, staring into thier drinks, in the ice cold, in complete silence! We bumped into this mad man (see above pic) who took us to a less cold bar. Between himself and his friend they had about 10 teeth and that might be an exaduration! This bar very nicely turned on some music for us and we had a few beers. This little mad who i could easily fit in my backpack along with my clothes started telling me all about his 2 sons both named Shiva( after and indian god), where he lives somewhere under a bridge in a big house and his wife...and i quote...a big black momma from morocco! hahaha.....crazy man he had a few screws loose but seemed harmless and highly entertainting. He also had no gag reflex, we poured him a glass of beer and he just tilted back his head and poured it in! Tried this a few times and thought we better not refil the glass more than an inch next time!

Next day we headed to a market and i bought some more light indian lady style clothes day time is really getting warm! i also bought some jangly indian lady ankle braclets. The temple was closed during the day (the gods sleep then i do believe) so it was a pity i didnt get to visit it but instead i headed to the Ghandi museum then went back for a little sleep before catching a night train.
A guy making things at the market

I really liked this little crazy place, very funny, friendly crazy people and i'm starting to really settle in like i never thought i would!

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