Saturday, December 27, 2008


Thank god i was too disorganised in Budapest to sort my train ticket as the trains went on strike. I headed to the bus station it was chaotic! There was a REALLY angry lady working behind one of the counters. I think she just really hated people. Everyone that came to her window was totally screamed at. I sat there relaxing in the chaos while i waited for my number to be called! I went up to the angry ladys counter and tried not to frustrate her anymore, i had bought tickets with the company before so i knew i needed my passpost etc etc but ha ha hilarious she was still going absolutely mental!! when she was typing my name into the computer she typed a letter wrong and let out a scream like she had just sat on something painful and started bashing the keyboard and screaming obsceneties! I just burst out laughing i couldnt contain myself! Got on the bus with a big smile on my face!

Behind me on the bus were 2 huge obese american women, one couldnt breath properly and the other one was saying 'you want your tablets huh?, well you were mean to me today so im not giving them to you!'....crazy americans

Couchsurfer Evelyn picked me up from the bus station and we went back to her flat. This girl has travelled a lot and is India mad!! Her flat has posters of indian gods around the place, sari's hung on the walls and plants everywhere...really nice! She really put me at ease about going to India, im so excited now i think the only thing im worried about is melting in the irish i know!!

I got her a present of a flower thing that is totally dried up and brown and the instructions say pour boiling water on it to bring it back to life! Within 5 minutes the thing had sprung open! Very exciting stuff! Aparently you can put a ring or something like that in it, let it close again then to propose to someone give them the flower to open!

The next day i went for a wander around Vienna. Evelyn had showed me a nice spot on the map where from a bridge one side is the view of the city and the other side is totally green so this was my plan to find this place! My god i couldnt find it, i walked for hours, and ended up seeing a lot of the city in the meantime! After i could walk no more i went back to Evelyns as she had some friends coming around for dinner.

We had a delicious dinner some kind of cheesy Austrian speciality and home made wine from Evelyns friend Matej who is from the mountains in Slovakia and has a vineyard there. Mmm so delicious! Matej was a very friendly, happy, hilarious guy and had come to live with Evelyn for a few months before heading off to India himself.

Since he was going to be living there for a while he asked Evelyn could he move around the sittingroom (his new bedroom) and she said Yes please do!! SO the next day when Evelyn was in work myself and Matej went a bit mad moving things around, we discovered amazing things that Evelyn had collected from her travels and put them out, we hung colourful sari's on the walls, moved her plants around and got rid of the 2nd tv and the 2nd microwave by making them nice little tables! THEN we found her drinks press. Everyone always brings her some alcohol when they visit and she just couldnt get through it all so before we got started we popped open one of about 10 bottles of sparkling wine! We found a lot of inspiration for moving around the things after a few bottles more, with the cheesy christmas and 80's music blaring on the radio we were just dancing around the house. I really enjoyed this, i was super proud of the result! I think Evelyn was happy with it too...i hope so anyway!

So after the big reveal i think Evelyn needed a drink! We headed off to couchsurfer Michaels house for 'dinner'. It was FREEZING outside the snow hit your face like needles. We started off with a bloody mary, not so nice to begin with..just because its a bit strange for me but delicious by the end. Michel had two other friends around, it was a lot of fun tucking into the delicius vegetarian meal he had made and the delicious wine! He had a cool apartment with a really old table in the middle for loads of people to sit around and a piano! Yay i get so musical and fluent with languages after a few drinks it was perfect time to practice!

As usual more fun in the metro station on the way home....running up the going down esculators etc....travelling is bringing out the messer in me again!

Off to Brno the next morning then to prague to meet my Dave so excited!! Must take more pictures of the sites and less of parties!

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