Friday, January 23, 2009


My first overnight indian train and i have to say it wasnt bad at all! We were luckily enough to have comfy sleeper beds, i slept so well and woke up with a bunch of indians sharing the bed...sitting all around me! We checked into our hostel quite close to the beach in Varkala. This place was the perfect spot to relax after the last few hectic days. I just spent the day chilling out not doing much at all walking around the cliffs beside the beach, going for a swim absolute heaven! Its a pretty touristy place though so it didnt feel like being in India at all but sure ill have plenty more real india in the future so no worries!

A few of us went for a swim that night about 2am, the sea was so calm and so warm. This beach had a sandbank so if you swim out for a little bit all of a sudden the water is so shallow again. I was lying on my back in the water, just floating around looking up at the totally clear sky full of the brighttest stars ive ever seen thinking...oh i wish i was back in work!!!....sure....roll on the recession session! (anyway big sorry there to those reading this in work...)

Pretty much the similiar stuff the next day, had a little dance with my poi on the beach, chatted and chilled out in the sun while drinking chai..mmm delicious. Bit of a drunken night that night, lots of fun and divilment in a place called Rock N Roll bar where the cocktail were delicious but also quite lethal! The DJ had just one Beatles CD which was GOOD but after about 4 runs of it, it was enough so as one does, one of the guys gave their MP3 player to the 'DJ' to plug into the speakers and happy days we were all now dancing to the Proclaimers!

A not very welcome early start the next day to catch a train but we managed just about!

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