Friday, January 16, 2009


bit camera shy for the moment!

Ohmygod so im in India Yay! I had built up my arrival so much that i felt a bit disappointed there wasnt 500 people at the airport running towards me trying to sell me things just one quietish lad wondering if i would like a taxi. It was HOT though my god and there were people everywere!! I sorted out a prepaid taxi and headed off into the maddness. I was still feeling totally calm and relaxed maybe there was something in the water at abu Dhabi airport...anyway the taxi drive to Chennai centre was cool i could see all the craziness going on but i felt i was in a safe little bubble. The taxi driver had a few kids not sure of the ages and his hobby was eating.

The place i was staying was nice i'd a big room, TV, own bathroom and balcony i wanted to go for a wander but as soon as i sat on the bed i realised i was totally wrecked. It was hot but not as bad as the summer i spent in a shoebox of a caravan with 3 friends in the south of spain during a heat wave...then again its still 'winter' here.

The next morning i had my 1st Indian meal! I ordered...mmm something and was presented with a silver tray with about 8 little bowls of different spices and curries and some rice plopped in the middle of the tray.....mmm no fork....totally forgot about Indians eating with their hands it was a bit messy i have to say trying to shovel rice with curry sauce and whatnot into your mouth but im sure ill get the hang of it...delicious. I gave the guy about 50c tip and he nearly wet himself i forgot how poor things are here. So my next big step was cathing a tuc-tuc to meet couchsurfer Kathiva for coffee. JAYSUS.....fecking MADDNESS!!!! You just get in your vehicle and beep your horn and go as fast as you possibly can!! Kathiva was a lovely girl and took me to the calmness of a coffeeshop near the college. We chatted for what seemed like an hour but was actually 5! Headed home in another tuc-tuc with the driver being cutest tiniest old man ive ever seen in my life, had no idea what he was saying to me but woo-hoo happy now to say ive gotten over catching a crazy tuc-tuc!

Your local Spar...

Next day brekkie was spices, curry, a flat thing seemed like it was made from squishy rice and a fried doenut thing with peas inside....curry for breakfast will take a little longer to get used to but all the same totally delicious. Met up with CS Sneha who brought me to a total hidden paradise cafe in a leafy garden. Sat and had coffee and great chat. She spent a year living in Belgium and thought....its mad there!! She said westerners wearing dull greys, black etc made her a bit depressesd as the indian women wear nothing less than bright florescent colours, with that she brought me to the shopping centre to get some indian lady clothes.

Before now id been in a totally calm little bubble looking around thinking ...gosh isnt it really mad here...but not actually acknowledging that i was actually in the middle of the maddness!

Culture shock hit today. First a little girl came up to me looking for food, she was so tiny and dirty with flies all over here and her little tiny dirty dress falling off her, the second thing was in the shopping centre and young boys 'accidently' being pushed towards me so they could fall onto my boobs then just not one thing being the same as at home...the smells the sounds the shops the traffic it hit me im in India! After getting kitted out with some Indian lady style clothes i decided to walk a bit back to my hotel to try and find an internet cafe on the way. I have to repeat myself..feckin MADDNESS!! It was raining quite heavily, people everywhere, cant walk on the footpath as its full of rubbish so you've to push your way along the side of the road with the crazy tuc-tucs, trucks, motorbikes wizzing past. Eventually found a dindgy internet cafe and by now i was feeling still yes im going to totally enjoy india but that will be when i get over the culture shock!

On the way back to the hotel this tuc-tuc driver was shouting' Lady..want to ride with me in my tuc-tuc??' i turned to look at him to tell him no....he had a mad look on his face totally off his head on something, his eyes were blazing red and there was some brownish liquid dripping from his mouth. I just thought ha ha ha no thanks i like my life and again in fits of laughter made the rest of my way home on foot bursting out laughing at every driver or person who stopped me.

Yeah its going to be ok here!!

Sooooo i decided to join in a group tour for the next 2 weeks just to get more settled into India before i head off by myself again. I checked into the hotel we were meeting and felt a bit aprehensive about who im going to be paired up with! anyway happy days i had a really nice group all from australia. We went for dinner and few drinks. Outside the place while trying to sort an auto back to our hotel there was a really thin old man with just some cloth wrapped around him putting his hand to his mouth signalling he was starving i felt like running back into the restaurant and grabbing the half the food we couldnt finish we are such gluttons.

Sign in the bar...

That night was the worst night ive had so far in any hostel or hotel. My room was totally mosquito infested. At first i kept feeling little tickles all over my face, arms, legs i just kept swatting away where it was tickling. After i few hours i had enough i needed sleep, i turned on the light and my bed was totally covered with squashed mosquitos yuck!!and they were all over the room i got my spray and went a bit mad screaming f**k off!!!!like a crazy woman trying to bat them with my towel, i was so so overtired! About 4 am i got out the mosquito net hung it up and got about an hour sleep, my feet were sticking out from the net and the mosquitos had a feast. God damn i hate them....

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