Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I had picked up a funny guide to Bruges in the hostel in Brussels and as I was so so tired I decided to go to the 'Frisbee and cute asses park' to catch some sleep. I had an hours sleep on the train so by the time I got to Bruges I had decided sleep was a waste of time and went for a wander. Wow beautiful city but after an hour or two there really doesn’t seem to be much dept to the main area than just fancy buildings and restaurants.

I sat on the steps of a building facing the main square and people watched while I waited for Wim the couchsurfer guy for tonight to get in touch. I noticed that the young local people were all like supermodels but the old ones where like an egg on legs, both men and women had beards...what happened??

By the time I met Wim I had lost the last of my energy, I was so happy not to be checking into a hostel but rather Wims really lovely house just on the outskirts of Bruges. Wim absolutely loves his really cool job of making exhibitions for example if you wanted something supercool for your nightclub opening he could make a crazy ice sculpture exhibition, design amazing lighting, furniture etc there’s nothing he cant try to create but most importantly he must stay at the party all night ...for work purposes of course! Wim cracked open a delicious bottle of red wine and we had a great chat, Wim explained he had a bit of a problem with crashing cars, and i was just waaaaay too embarassed to get into the banger he had right now, so we walked to a cool tourist-free bar somewhere in Bruges. More wine, wine and some more wine and I realised I had only eaten a waffle all day (i’m addicted!) so we had a little food, then more wine. While Wim had to get up at teh crack of dawn the next day I had a glorious bath wow heaven! Huge bathroom, sun was shining in and a great view of the river...from the bath! Ah yes this is the backpacker life I could become accustomed to. (thanks Wim!!)

Anyway must move on, Antwerp next stop

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