Tuesday, October 28, 2008

travelling time at last!

Wow, how exciting travelling time at last! Thanks to a really horrible job I decided no more just settling for 'ok' time to really get living! I put on my little backpack and headed off to Spain with no plans, it was my first time to travel on my own and it turned out to be a really life changing trip! (thanks vero!)

Since I’ve come back life has been great, I surrounded myself with positive people, got out more, said Yes more, did some voluntary things and turned my hobby into a really enjoyable, paid job.

Unfortunately the travel bug has bitten BAD and I must leave behind my great job, great friends, family, boyfriend and bike... (yes, we spent a lot of time together!!) I’ts too early for me to settle down yet my goodness! Please do keep in touch and if it all gets too much come visit me somewhere!

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