Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Dalhoosie is a mad little village in the middle of the mountains in the middle of nowhere where the indians go for a holiday. There is a very different feel to a place thats a westerner holiday place. Its nice though! Funny!!

Its was a nail-biting 6 hour bus trip from Amritsar i had to stop myself from looking out the window of the bus, the driver was going too close to the edge for comfort!

The first thing i noticed was the wolliest sheep ive ever seen. This might have given some indication that it was going to be cold there! We walked about 2k until we got to the main st and found a very dindgy cold room but it did the job!

Well it was freezing cold, we were not prepared one bit in our winter clothes. I put on absolutely every piece of clothes i owned including the 'Jasailmer Camel Safari' hat i was wearing in the desert. I finished off my outfit with a colourful blanket as a coat. We were the only non-indians walking down the main st, in our mad outfits to keep warm! You can imagine the indians were like 'what the hell is this!!!'. Dalhosie seems to be a real calm honeymoon, or family type place so they just all dropped what they were doing to see these white folks prancing along the streets wearing layers and layers of summer clothes!!!

Fer-eezing in the room!

They were going mad to take photos of us holding up their mobile phones pretending to write a message while clearly taking a picture! We went to eat in a tiny little fast food place. All of us in all our clothes practically took over this little place. My god the food was amazing!!

Halfway through eating our food the 'pretending to text on the mobile' but really taking a picture of us started again. I asked the guy 'Hey do want to take a photo of us???' We noticed that everyone on holidays here was dressed to the max in designer suits and their best sunday clothes. This guy that was taking photos of us had his hair all slicked back, wearing a snazzy grey pinstripe suit, black shirt and playboy bunny earings!!

I dashed out of the fast food place to try and find a toilet when i was stopped again for more 'snaps!'. First with the father, then the mother, then one with the aunt, then with the kids then one with the whole family....and me in my 20 rupie camel safari hat and blanket!!! Very lovely friendly people though and very nice to go to an indian holiday spot, its a real taste of the indian culture and i love it! This place as unspoilt and had beautiful mountain views. The air was so clean and crisp and it was very cold but sunny.

Off we headed the next day to Dharmsala where the Dali Lama would be making a speech, it was great to visit such a little town like Dalhoosie...hope its a little bit warmer in Dharmsala!

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