Saturday, February 14, 2009 be cont....

I was looking forward so much to catching some sleep on the train ride to Goa but that was not to be! My bed was along the corridor which ment only 5’ tall people will be comfortable. I had to bend my legs over the side of the bed to fit in it but then as it was on the corridor there was always a rush of chai, coffee, samosa, biryiana, water, fruit, cotton buds, pens that light up, mouth freshener, umbrella etc sellers to knock into my legs but I did my best! If anyone has been on an indian train you'll know that the guys selling things dont just stroll down the corridor of the train with their goods in an orderly says the name of their product as fast as they can with a big Ahhhh at the start. For example you'll hear 'Ahhhh coffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffee!!!''Ahhhh coffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffee!!!' or 'Ahh Biryianibiryiani....etc. Sometimes you cant make out what they're saying and if you ask hey what do you have they just reply with Ahhh....and the name of the stuff really fast! Yeah its pretty funny! The Ahhh Chaichaichaichaichai is very good i must say.

my lovely bed on the train...those plastic seats when it gets hot....yup you certainly stick to them alright!

I must have managed to drift off to sleep because I woke up a few hours later tucked up in my sleeping bag, MELTING. The side of the train my back was touching was like a frying pan and there was no air. Nice view from the train though…. a little drop there dont fall out!

So wow in Goa at last! I was a bit worried that Goa would be full of weirdos and people with oversized egos. I had met one guy in Hampi that was like ‘yeah peace and love man…im best buddies with Stephen Spielberg im taking over from a movie he didn’t want to do…yeah dude peace out….ive been offered acting roles in Mumbai and LA but I like the simple life man’ and bla bla bla on and on I kept talking with him until I found it humorous no more!

So…… my plan was to stay in Goa for a few days maybe 4 or 5 but i ended up staying for more like 3 or 4 weeks. We arrived first at a beach called Calengute, it looked like total hell. Like Santaponza Chav central. Full of obese tourists with lobster red skin, in their hot pants and string tops nothing left to the imagination, with their beer bellies hanging out of their wife beater vests, beard stubble and drinking cans of cheap ass beer on the street and tacky shops all over the place! Ahhh what a nightmare!

Ahhh quite sad though it was the last night with the guys i had been travelling with the last few weeks. ...but ill see you in Oz whenever i get there!! We'd a nice meal then headed to Paradiso club where its free in for SINGLE ladies, women and girls and almost E20 for men and still the men outnumber the women 20 to 1! Anyway it was a good feeling also to have some time on my own i was looking forward to it.

The next day i moved onto Anjuna beach quieter and altogether much nicer spot, and found a lovely cheap room to stay for 150 Rupies a day about E2. I spent the next few days just chilling out, getting to know the place, and i became a little obsessed with the sunsets and the cows!

The sunsets in Goa are amazing, in fact any part of the west coast of india they are but in Goa i had time and i was alone for the first time in weeks so i suppose i paid more attention to these things. It always looked like the sun was dipping off the edge of the earth as the sea was calm and flat in the evenings and it was all you could see for as far as you could look left or right. Once the sun started to set about 5.45pm it set very fast and you could actualy watch it moving down. After it set it was dusk for about half an hour then completly dark but the weather was always warm and balmy and then the beach really came to life!

The typical Rajastani women clothes

What lucky cows!

I was riding the scooter one day with some friends and we were crossing over a bridge, this was the view we just had to stop! I'm so proud of these ones...and the last one of the cow...well he seemed to be just standing in that position for a while, with clearly a lot going through his head wondering why y=mc2 and how do they get the figs into the figrolls... Wow yes the sunsets were something really special in Goa.

To be continued!!


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